Malaysian model insisted nothing wrong with birthday kiss from HK actor Eric Tsang

Malaysian model insists Hong Kong actor Tsang Chi Wai’s birthday kiss was not wrong

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — The Malaysian model during the kissing controversy involving Eric Tsang during her birthday bash is nonchalant over the brouhaha.

The model, identified only as Lebara, said the kiss by veteran actor Tsang was merely a birthday gesture.

“My birthday wish for this year is for world peace but now looking back, I think I might have wished for the wrong thing,” she posted on Instagram on Monday (Oct 3).

According to the 26-year-old, she would let the ‘noise’ created as a result of the kissing clip go on. She added: “(Meanwhile) I will continue to be myself.”

However, social media users claimed that Lebara has a hidden agenda and was trying to create a name for herself.

Instagram user @venny_loo said that posting such clips, would only attract people’s attention.

Another user @hohonamnam said that Lebara has become famous and a lot of people know her now.

Tsang, who is also the general manager of Hong Kong broadcaster TVB, brushed off the incident, saying he did not know Lebara personally.

The 69-year-old claimed that he was asked by friends to join in the celebration although he was at a different event.

Meanwhile, Sin Chew Daily reported that Lebara was formerly known as Mindy before going to Hong Kong to expand her career.

Lebara is said to be a former student at the Amber Chia Academy and has represented Malaysia for shows in South Korea.